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My name is Monika Owczarek

As a talented graphic designer, I brought visual experiences to life. Curiosity drove me to delve into psychology, unraveling the complexities of human behavior and emotions.

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What happened so far...

Professional career

2021 - today



Senior User Researcher

UX Consultant

UX Writer

"It's good, but better..."


Positive customer experiences are built upon the experience of positive emotions. As a psychologist, cognitive neuroscientist and UX Expert, I help businesses create precisely those messages, moments, and experiences that will remain in the memory of their customers.


For improved and positively sustainable user experiences. For a world with better products.

2019 - 2021

Senior Consultant


Hamburg/ GER

"How can we improve this?"

This was the guiding question of my projects for clients across various industries. Products, prototypes, and user journeys and experiences were analysed collaboratively by a multidisciplinary team, initially from a holistic perspective, then improved iteratively based on data.

2018 - 2019

User Researcher

Oberhausen/ GER

"How can we enhance the workplace experience?"

In the cutting-edge research project "ILIGHTS" conducted for BMW in Munich, our dynamic interdisciplinary team delved into the impact of vibrant artificial lighting on the productivity and overall satisfaction of shift workers. Through smart management of the blue spectrum in the lighting, we successfully elevated the well-being of both their mind and body, creating an energizing and invigorating work environment.

Academic career

2016 - 2018

Ruhr-University Bochum

Psychology and
Cognitive Neuroscience

Master of Science

What brain regions are active when observing specific behaviours? How are they interconnected? What happens when they are disrupted? How does our environment influence our brains? How does our brain influence our perception?

I found the answers to these questions during my Master's in Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience.

2013 - 2016

Ruhr-University Bochum


Bachelor of Science

Why do people behave the way they do? What influences their behaviour? What shapes their opinions? What grabs their attention? What do they prefer? What do they avoid? How should an environment be designed to promote mental well-being?

My Bachelor's studies in Psychology provided the answers to these questions.

2009 - 2012

Media Designer
Digital & Print


How should form, typography, colour, and proportions be arranged to create a harmonious and cohesive perception? What enhances attractiveness and attention? How should a text be written to convey concise and impactful messages successfully?

These were the contents of my vocational training as a Media Designer (IHK) for Digital and Print.

Skill set

User Research
(qualitative & quantitative)

User Experience Consulting

UX Writing


Design Thinking


Workshop Conception
and Moderation 


Agile mindset


German (native)

English (business fluent)

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