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Happy Clients


The beauty of freelancing lies in the autonomy to choose your preferred collaborators. Below is a comprehensive overview of my esteemed clientele and their impactful projects.

Unleashing new markets &
Evaluating designs

Role: Senior User Researcher (temp. Team Lead) StepStone / Axel Springer

What are the essential needs of job seekers? What significant challenges do they face during their job search? How is the rebranding perceived?

My key responsibilities:

1. Strategizing and executing user research

2. Collaborating closely with diverse stakeholders for seamless coordination

3. Proficiently conducting both moderated and unmoderated research methods

4. Taking charge of prototyping testing initiatives to extract invaluable insights

5. Finding new market potentials


Launching a new App

Role: Senior User Researcher

Carl Zeiss

How can the needs of surgeons and patients converge? What capabilities should an app possess to facilitate a positive patient journey? What features should it offer to bring joy to healthcare professionals?

My key responsibilities
1. Designing the research process
2. Creating personas
3. Conducting and analyzing user interviews
4. Performing prototyping testing

Image by JC Gellidon

Enhancing User Journey

Role: UX Consultant

RyzUp GmbH

How can we improving the onboarding process of new app?

My main responsibilities

1. Implementing a robust research process

2. Analyzing the essential elements of the user journey

3. Identifying and addressing UX challenges

4. Providing comprehensive research insights and developing a strategy to attract a larger user base and improve the company's visibility in the market.

Image by NordWood Themes

New IT System

Role: UX Lead
German government

Three authorities and a shared IT system? Old practices meet the need for innovation.

My key responsibilities

1. Developing a Product Vision Board

2. Team building workshop

3. Designing the research process

4. Creating personas

5. Conducting and analyzing user interviews

6. Jobs to be done

7. Prototyping testing

Image by Hugo  Barbosa

New Pricing Strategy

Role: Senior User Researcher

The approachable and local energy provider for the whole family is changing its strategy to "affordable, more affordable, and even more affordable." Can it work? We found out.

My key responsibilities
1. Setting up the user research process
2. Conducting the online study
3. Analyzing user needs
4. Creating personas
5. Deriving strategy recommendations
6. Advising the client on the strategy switch

Image by Max Bender

New Business Model

Role: User Researcher


How does a prestigious company, aiming to tap into new market potentials, effectively and authentically communicate with a talent pool outside its workforce? Research unveils the answer.

My key responsibilities

  1. Setting up the research process

  2. Conducting market research

  3. Analyzing talent needs

  4. Deriving communication strategies

  5. Advising the design team

Image by Liam Tucker

New Good-Night-Stories

Role: UX Writer

Aumio GmbH

Aumio assists children in coping with challenges such as stress, sleep problems, intense emotions and drifting off weightlessly. Children find calmness through soothing stories. Experts at the Free University of Berlin developed Aumio.

My key responsibilities

  1. Writing bedtime stories

  2. Applying positive psychology insights

  3. Aiding children in falling asleep more easily

Image by Jessica Rockowitz

Then let's work together.

Are you ready to take your product, user journey, or market presence to the next level? We've got the energy and expertise to make it happen! Let's unlock your full potential and create a sensational impact together.

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